Monday, June 1, 2015

El Puerto de Santa Maria

Well hey there family and friends! I am in my new area now, El Puerto de Santa Maria. A pueblo of Cadiz. Everything is going good! It was a much needed change for all aspects so I'm pretty content! Also pretty sweaty... all my friends know that I don't sweat, or at least Chase knows that and here I sweat. More than Chase at homecoming and that's a lot! Hahaha I probably should take a shower morning, afternoon and night but I don't have enough G's for that! I would have to do wash like twice a week or put sweaty G's back on and I can't bring myself to do that...I tried. 

But all is well, my comp is a good guy! Elder Pomazon de Peru! He is 27 years old!! He's a funny dude. I think I will grow a lot these next two transfers with him. That's another thing, I will be doing the honor of killing him, that means that he will be finishing his mission with me, I will "kill" him off He has one transfer after this one. He tells weird jokes sometimes which I just laugh at so he's not laughing by he told me "what did the boy dog say to the girl dog?" ..... "wow" and he busted out laughing... so I just kinda chuckled and hope he didn't tell another. He's a nice guy... But they are all so nice in the beginning... hahaha we'll see

Well I don't know much about Puerto as of now. Our area is bigger than my previous  one in Lorca and it's like a maze here. I'll get the hang of it, I pride myself on my sense of direction. I'm not sure if that sentence makes sense... can you say "I pride myself" I think so... anyways it's on the coast and it's pretty toasty but there is a nice ocean breeze a lot so that helps. I don't really know very many members yet but there is one kid named Marcello and I feel like I know the kid.. I don't know why but he reminds me of someone or something. It's been bugging me all day!! We have the one investigator who is super buff.... like super. I'll send a pic sometime, his name is Wilson. There are four missionaries here in puerto, me and my comp and two hermanas. Also my zone leader is the same zone leader I had in Lorca so I will have the same zone leader for almost ten months! But that's good because he is a good guy! 

So I went to Cadiz Friday, I took a boat there since it's just down the coast a little so that's new for me...I'm used to the buses! It was fun walking around there because I'm pretty sure Uncle Jay served there and it was fun to look at the old buildings and think that he saw the same ones. BUT why did we go to Cadiz, well because I am now writing this email on my yeah that's weird. I have an iPad now! Well kinda like half an iPad.... The church locked downs these things hard. If we do anything we are supposed to with them our president gets a notification of what we are doing. We have a list of websites and apps we are allowed to use. And if you try to bypass the software the iPad pretty much self destructs, or so they say... I'll let you guys know if it's true ;) 

Church was good, everyone loves my gray suit. Haha but I don't really know what to say when people compliment I compliment them back?! Or will they just thing I throwing out compliments because they complimented me?! Talk about stress... So usually I just say gracias... I just get stressed when people compliment me. I've had multiple people compliment me on my Spanish and say I speak very well for how little I've been out...I speak like a drunk man half the time! But maybe everyone is just used to drunken speech here in Spain since everyone drinks like there life depends on it, here not so much but in Lorca! Im just a pretty big deal out here in Spain okay? You Americans just don't understand ;) haha just kidding I'm pretty much nothing, the lord is nice enough to bless me with some stuff to work with so I don't die over here hahaha. 

I guess I'm close to an American military base and there is a senior missionary couple who lives on it and they can obtain American products if I ask so that's pretty sweet! Pretty much I want refried beans and peanut butter, go America!!!!  There also is an English speaking ward after my ward so I want to try to attend that one time and speak the good ole English with some people. The ward mission leader here is pretty cool, I think he got back from his mission not to long ago and I'm pretty sure he works at the CCM (MTC) sometimes. 

Oh I heard that Elder L. Tom Perry died... How sad. But he is in a far better place with far better people. He was suffering from cancer and he was old. I've been reading all the teachings of the prophets and it's quite cool. All these guys and how they became who they are. I'm trying to obtain as much wisdom as I can out here. 

Not much else to say, things are fine out here! I just wish it wasn't so hot... that's all for now folks! I'm going to have to find out how to send photos from my camera since I just email on here now...

Love Elder Rex