Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey I don't have much to say this week but I will send a few pictures to make up for it!
I was sick for about 24 hours this week because I think I ate something bad...not sure what but I think a tomato which is lame. 
It was just another week, we went bowling last monday! I won! woohoo! 

I'm trying to eat healthy so I don't get fat over here... my first comp showed me a video and he got really fat at one point (sorry Elder Bassett) but it's true and I'm not sure I can get fat with my body build, but I don't wanna find out! I basically have just been eating a lot of chicken and turkey with pasta and rice and vegetables. 

I got letters from Uncle Mike, Aunt Tasi and their family so that was nice to get! and a package from Becky and Halle! That was great!! I love getting stuff. 

We get iPads soon! Which means I will be a facebook missionary. Weird!

I hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Rex

Artsy pictures during bowling
What I eat for breakfast sometimes!

Monday, April 13, 2015


I saw Jacob came home! Super weird... haha anyways not much has happened this week! I do have some things to tell you guys! 

1. I have another transfer here in Lorca (6 weeks). Transfer calls happened on saturday and nothing changed here for me.

2.Im getting an iPad the first week in May! So I don't really know how that all works with paying and stuff, but we pay for it and at the end of my mission I get to take it home with me! Weird!!

3.I cant remember what else I had to say....hopefully it wasnt important!

Anyways it's been a slow week. Francis came to church yesterday, the man who I cant understand and stresses me out to the point of death. So we walked to church with him and everything was fine, and then I went up to bless the sacrament and he was sitting next to Elder Justiniano. After the sacrament I went and sat behind him because there wasn't room next to him. It was fast sunday so members of the ward were sharing their testimonies and he turns around and hands me 5 euros and I asked why... he said something along the lines of how I'm a good person of God or something. I proceeded to tell him I couldn't accept it because as a missionary everything I do is free; I don't do it for money. He got really offended for some reason, to the point where I though he was going to punch me or something. It was super weird! He began reading from his bible out loud while someone was up there bearing their testimony... and then finally he stood up mid testimony and started pointing to one of the members on the stand, like full on standing up just repeatedly pointing for who knows why! So I made hime sit down and sat next to him the rest of church .... I cannot convey over email how weird and stressful it was but it was sooo strange and bizarre. Oh well. 

Not much else happened worth mentioning! I spent like 9 euros on burger king... not worth it! I make myself chicken sandwiches every night pretty much... they are pretty good! 

Love you all! 
Elder Rex

April 6th

Patience is a virtue. Thats all I'm going to say about that.

This week was interesting! It was semana santa (holy week) so there was just a party outside my apartment every night with hundreds of people and floats and drums and noise and get the idea. Interesting to see. 

Our kitchen is still being cross contaminated with nasty raw meat daily...ranges from pork to chicken usually. One person who lives with us uses our dish rag to wipe his raw meat hands off and then plunges his hand into the bag of salt... needless to say I've moved to using paper towels now... sorry to the environment. 

This week was slow, not much happened... hard to teach during semana santa because everyone is out partying but it's all good!

We have a new investigator named Sandra who I think has a lot of potential! just gotta keep working with her and help her keep her commitments! 

So we were able to watch some sessions of conference this weekend! I kept scanning the crowd for people I knew but I couldn't spot anyone! Im sure you were there though. Super awesome to watch conference as a missionary, I'm not sure why but it's like 15 times better... I don't even want to sleep during it now! whaaat!? Weird. Haha super awesome talks. I watched some in english and then some in spanish with english subtitles but I'm excited to get them all and english and finish my notes!

Easter doesn't really happen here... people are just marching around in costumes that look basically like purple KKK outfits. And there are floats of Mary and some Egyptians... 

Not much else to say!! You are all in my prayers!!