Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Africa way out there!
Hey there! Sorry I didn't email you guys last week! Well a lot has happened in this last week....Monday we went to Gibraltar! Elder Guffey the senior missionary took us there in his car! Me and my companion with another companionship from our district! It was pretty sweet! The monkeys are alright, they can be pretty ugly, I'm not gunna lie. But it's a pretty sweet place! There are some caves and siege tunnels but they cost extra and nobody wanted to pay to go in so I missed out on that! Haha I brought the onesie monkey pajama suit I have so I could take photos with the monkeys wearing it, everyone thought that was pretty funny! 

Wednesday, transfer day. My companion Elder Pomazon finished his mission, and I picked up my new companion Elder Hall. He is one transfer below me so he has like a month and a half less time out here than I. He's a good kid, I think I will be here with him for only one transfer before I go to a new area! But we started off the transfer good! At English class Thursday we were talking to our investigator Wilson about being baptized because he was supposed to be baptized Saturday but always pushes it back more time! But he said he wanted to Saturday! So on Friday elder shields my district leader came to puerto and had an interview with him so he could be baptized!! He passed. And I baptized him Saturday night, it was great! I'll send pictures! Sorry I don't have a lot of time!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The mayonnaise problem

First things first... the way mayonnaise is used over here concerns me. Greatly. It's like oh, we have some pork? Let's grab the mayonnaise and smother this piece of meat. And some ketchup too! Great!! Look at this chicken, this nice drumstick... I know what will make it better! Let's dip it in mayonnaise! Ooooh we have some white rice.... let's make it mayonnaise with a little bit of rice mixed it. I'm fine with some mayonnaise on a sandwich or in some sort of potato salad type dish...but I'm not about to cover my meat in so much mayonnaise that you can't even see the meat!!! It's not even like it tastes that good! Madre mía!  
Anyways.... now that I've vented all my feelings about condiments we can talk about the mission. 
Last Monday: for the morning I sat on a bus for a long time so my companion could go buy a suit, it was and hour and 20 minute bus ride... and then we were in the mall for like 20 minutes. Then we came back to the church to email and played ping pong. A pretty boring day.

Oh, last Sunday was interesting. One hour before church started the bishop called and asked me to give a talk. I'll admit I wasn't very stoked! I like to prepare and practice! Especially when it's in a different language. The topic/s he gave me were the first members of the church and their legacy, the first member of my family who was a member and the importance of journal keeping.... soooo.... no time to prepare except for the time I had as I walked to church. Hahaha  it was pretty funny, I did some hand motions up at the pulpit trying to describe drooping leaves on plants... over all it was decent. The journal keeping was my strong point I think. 

Man.... I can't remember much about this week... I got a giant bottle of Cholula hot sauce from an American family so that was pretty nice of them! We are steal teaching Wilson the giant buff guy, I downloaded a talk from president Monson for him to watch, that's the one area he's lacking in. A testimony of the prophet today's times. Hopefully he will be baptized on the 15 of August. Then there is Enrique, we are working with him slowly but surely. He has his things he's working through, but I think he will be baptized in my team here in puerto. I think both of the, will be honestly. I hope I get to see that at least! Super good guys, great hearts. It's funny because Wilson is this hugeeee guy but he's such a nice guy, haha I help him with his English. He wants me to record English lessons and the them on a USB drive for him.... I don't know how I would do that so I just told him to look it up on YouTube. You can find everything on YouTube.  Yesterday I learned something interesting, our Sunday school teacher told us that we cant build a temple in France because there is a law. This law says that the police have to be able to enter the building... but the temple is a sacred place for us and you need a recommend saying that your keeping all the commandments and what not... so that's why we don't have a temple in France! Interesting, no? 

I feel like I live inside of a broken record player.... my companion played the same 2 or 3 songs on his guitar and sings everyday... hahaha it's interesting! Oh well! I'm doing well out here! I'm alive so that's gotta count for something! I hope all is well back at home! You guys are all sweet people and I pray for you guys! Send me and email sometime if you have the chance! I don't care if your a stranger or whatever! I wanna hear from you!

Keep on keeping on. 
Elder Rex


Well this has been pretty interesting. The last two Sunday's we have
eaten with an American family that live here. So that has been nice!
Last month we had a family home evening in an American family's home!
It was big!! There was a pool...I wanted to get in it so bad. Tuesday
we had a bbq with the American branch priesthood! we played bocce ball
(spell check) it mad me think of the Becketts and the river because
they always play that there! Friday we had a Pioneer Day activity in
another americAns house! I'll try to send some pictures! Yesterday the
Frys gave me a giant bottle of hot sauce so I'm excited for that!
Anyways, I don't have much to say. We are teaching two people as of
now regularly. Wilson who is this HUGE buff guy. Super nice guy! and
Enrique. Enrique came to church yesterday so that was good! He's come
las last few weeks on and off! Hopefully he will be baptized in the
next few weeks!!! anyways, I love all you guys! I really do!

Elder Rex