Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Up on a castle in Almeria
Well another transfer down! 
I'm staying here in Almeria, and I'm getting a new companion named elder Hammond. I don't know much about him, this is his 3rd transfer. (Courtney look him up on social media and give me a report...I think his name is Chase) This transfer is 8 weeks, so that could be a good or bad thing. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well during the holidays! Be happy and spend time with friends and family!! But say on the straight and narrow path. 
Love you all!
Elder Rex

Bread crumbs and hot dogs, pretty much eating dust

Getting in the Christmas spirit

"The Elder Rex"

The food Elder Rex is known for making!

"It's like a giant egg pizza. Inside there is bacon, french fries, sometimes broccoli, and a lot of other stuff. This one had hot dogs and tuna. I put in whatever I have at the moment."


We had a thanksgiving celebration this week so that was pretty fun. I was in charge of cooking the turkey and stuffing and they both turned out good! Somehow I always get put in charge of the cooking... I wouldn't mind but I seem to always have to clean dishes afterwards also... oh well. I do enjoy making food for people though. I'm know for my lentils, chicken stuff and the dish I call "An Elder Rex" not too bad.

It's starting to get cold's not good. I don't have very much warm attire so my Southern California boy body might freeze to death, but that's alright. I'm sure I'll survive.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and many things to be thankful for, I know I do. I probably don't express it enough... but I'm very thankful to all of you who love and support me as I'm over here. All the people reading this letter, really.... you took the time to go to my blog so you get points in my book. Thank you all!

Sorry I don't have much to say, Almeria is a good place but it's slow as of lately, not much exciting happens. I helped change a tire today... That was the most exciting part of my day!!! Hahaha hopefully things start to spicen up! Transfers are next Wednesday. I'm not sure if I want to get transferred or not...the work here is rough. The roughest of all my areas so far, we barely teach anything. I have a great district who I love though. And I don't wanna leave this area until it has improved in some way... So I guess we will see what happens. We will know Saturday. My comp is from Washington, the tri cities area. He's 18 which is weird....when I graduated he was a freshman...when I was in my last area he was graduating high school. Makes me feel ancient... I'm going to Malaga Wednesday to spent the night and have a conference the next day! So that should be good! Should give me some more material to write about next week.

Once again I'm thankful for all your support and prayers!!!!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Rex 


Well I'm still in Spain! We went to the mall today for pday and I was tempted to buy things but I didn't buy anything. I did buy some Burger King though and it was expensive and not worth it but that's fast food for you. Also today we went to a castle and a big Jesus
statue. I don't feel like typing so I'm talking to Siri and she's typing everything for me so there might be some mistakes because she's not perfect like I am but that's OK. #firstworldproblems 

Yesterday was Sunday and we went to church, but my companion wasn't feeling good and he couldn't do anything after church so it was a slow night. It's starting to get cold here... and I'm kinda sweater less at the two sweaters I brought on the mission have shrunk so they don't really for me well... I promise I haven't gotten bigger!!! They shrunk!! I jammed my finger playing soccer so my CTR ring doesn't fit me anymore.. It's been over a week and I still can't wear it! It bugs me! I've worn that ring for a year straight almost and I feel naked without it. 
I hope all is well back home, I love you all, and you're all in my prayers.

Poor missionary food

Saturday, November 7, 2015


So this week has been the most productive of this transfer, we had 8 whole lessons! 4 of them were members...still it's a new record. We teach English class every Wednesday and there is a man who comes every time and is pretty interesting. He's is pretty much a conspiracy theorist. He was telling us about these towers that the U.S. Government owns to create earthquakes and tsunamis and what not. He also told me that when I look up in the sky and see a white streaks trailing behind a jet (a Pretty normal thing) that is the government
releasing some chemical toxic not keep the birth rate down...and then he got to 9/11 and I just walked out of the room hahaha. On Tuesday we went to this little town up in the mountains where a member of our ward owns a pizza shop, so we had free lunch there. The pizza is alright but the French fries were super good, they were like garlic French fries.
Friday we played basketball (first time in the mission for me!!!!) with a recent convert and a menos activo. It was pretty fun even though the ball was terrible and these kids were trying to do like 360 no look lay ups all the time. We are going to have a Halloween party next Friday so that should be fun, the month of October blew by. 
 Love elder Rex
Halloween activity


Well... I'm here in my new area with my new companion! I don't know anything about this area so it's kind of stressful. I'm trying to figure it all out. But its been a rough week. My comp is Elder Sant, he is from Washington. He's a good guy, I feel old compared to these youngsters coming into the mission. It's strange. I honestly don't know what to write, this week has been hard haha conference was good though! Thats always nice to watch! Two sessions down on the mission, strange. I hope all is well back home! I love you guys. I will send some pictures to liven up this email.

Jorge, Marcelo and I. My boys from my old area.
Elder Sant who I'm training! Mi Hijo.

Elders who entered the mission at the same time as me who are training also. Love them.

Monday, September 28, 2015

"I've always wanted to be a cowboy."

Well family, I'm getting transferred... I'm going to Almería! I will be training a missionary and Opening a closed area so that's kinda stressful! But no pasa nada. It will all be okay. I don't know much about my area, it's on the coast but it's a total desert. Apparently they film a lot of cowboy movies there... that's awesome. I've always wanted to be a cowboy. I go to picked up my new companion from the mission home tomorrow. I hate packing. This week has been busy. Tuesday we went to Sevilla to have a zone meeting with president. Thursday we had family home evening and English class. Friday there was a baptism and I got my transfer call from president! And Saturday all day we were in San Fernando because there is a new challenge there, and they had an open house so we were there giving tours and what not. Saturday night we played soccer. Sunday was me trying to say bye to people and now today, I'm in San Fernando again and have to say bye to more people and pack a ton to catch my train tomorrow morning. Next weeks email should be interesting so stay tuned....I love you all. You are all in my prayers.
Love, elder Rex


August 31, 2015

Well guys, I don't have much to say so I will try to fill in some info. My new comp is elder Hall from Utah. I'm liking being his companion, I do have one problem, he makes me the shatter companion... which is weird for me. He's is 6'6 so he has me by a few inches. I'm not used to being the shorter companion hahaha we are working hard here trying to find new people to teach but it's hard. To all you members out there, give your missionaries references! Pleaseeee. That's where you will find the most success; members working with the missionaries. We trying to help the ward here get more active in The Lords work. Little by little I guess. I was making food today and I had an egg in my hand and I looked at it and it had a chicken feather suck to it, that's pretty fresh I guess! I saw Cody got home! Someone tell him hello for me! And that I love him:) I hope he can still do an African accent by the time I get home...! Well I guess school is starting over there huh? It's weird that stuff like that has no effect on the mission. Even holidays are just another day, everyday is the same and worldly stuff doesn't really matter that much. So forgive me if I forget your birthday....Dad....whoops! Not that you want a reminder that you're getting old ;) hahaha I really don't have much else to say, our area is kinda drying up right now teaching wise so it's kinda rough. 

Everyone I talk to on the streets act like I'm trying to rob them or just stare at us because we are tall. One guy came up to us and said "you guys with your shirts and ties..." In a disgusted tone, so I asked him "you don't like our shirts and ties!?" With a big frown  on my face in a sad voice and then he asked me "do you like flies?" To which I said "no, not really..." Then he proceeded to tell us that we are annoying like flies and started talking about some woman and blah blah blah.... so I just told him to have a good day and we left haha stuff like that happens everyday. One guy rode by on a bike and yelled at us in English "Jesus loves you!! Both of you!!" Haha funny things happen out here! An American family bought us a bag of goodies and brought it to church! It had ranch, hot sauce, peanut butter for my comp, Gatorade for me, candies and chips! So that was super nice of them! I'm sure we will enjoy that!  I spend most of my time in the apartment and on the streets singing songs...for any of you who have heard me sing you know that's a bad thing for my companion and the entire country of Spain but I enjoy it. I've been singing Christmas songs recently. Yes, I know it's August... Elder Rex is one of a kind and people seem to enjoy that.
Well I love you all!
Bolivian food

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Africa way out there!
Hey there! Sorry I didn't email you guys last week! Well a lot has happened in this last week....Monday we went to Gibraltar! Elder Guffey the senior missionary took us there in his car! Me and my companion with another companionship from our district! It was pretty sweet! The monkeys are alright, they can be pretty ugly, I'm not gunna lie. But it's a pretty sweet place! There are some caves and siege tunnels but they cost extra and nobody wanted to pay to go in so I missed out on that! Haha I brought the onesie monkey pajama suit I have so I could take photos with the monkeys wearing it, everyone thought that was pretty funny! 

Wednesday, transfer day. My companion Elder Pomazon finished his mission, and I picked up my new companion Elder Hall. He is one transfer below me so he has like a month and a half less time out here than I. He's a good kid, I think I will be here with him for only one transfer before I go to a new area! But we started off the transfer good! At English class Thursday we were talking to our investigator Wilson about being baptized because he was supposed to be baptized Saturday but always pushes it back more time! But he said he wanted to Saturday! So on Friday elder shields my district leader came to puerto and had an interview with him so he could be baptized!! He passed. And I baptized him Saturday night, it was great! I'll send pictures! Sorry I don't have a lot of time!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The mayonnaise problem

First things first... the way mayonnaise is used over here concerns me. Greatly. It's like oh, we have some pork? Let's grab the mayonnaise and smother this piece of meat. And some ketchup too! Great!! Look at this chicken, this nice drumstick... I know what will make it better! Let's dip it in mayonnaise! Ooooh we have some white rice.... let's make it mayonnaise with a little bit of rice mixed it. I'm fine with some mayonnaise on a sandwich or in some sort of potato salad type dish...but I'm not about to cover my meat in so much mayonnaise that you can't even see the meat!!! It's not even like it tastes that good! Madre mía!  
Anyways.... now that I've vented all my feelings about condiments we can talk about the mission. 
Last Monday: for the morning I sat on a bus for a long time so my companion could go buy a suit, it was and hour and 20 minute bus ride... and then we were in the mall for like 20 minutes. Then we came back to the church to email and played ping pong. A pretty boring day.

Oh, last Sunday was interesting. One hour before church started the bishop called and asked me to give a talk. I'll admit I wasn't very stoked! I like to prepare and practice! Especially when it's in a different language. The topic/s he gave me were the first members of the church and their legacy, the first member of my family who was a member and the importance of journal keeping.... soooo.... no time to prepare except for the time I had as I walked to church. Hahaha  it was pretty funny, I did some hand motions up at the pulpit trying to describe drooping leaves on plants... over all it was decent. The journal keeping was my strong point I think. 

Man.... I can't remember much about this week... I got a giant bottle of Cholula hot sauce from an American family so that was pretty nice of them! We are steal teaching Wilson the giant buff guy, I downloaded a talk from president Monson for him to watch, that's the one area he's lacking in. A testimony of the prophet today's times. Hopefully he will be baptized on the 15 of August. Then there is Enrique, we are working with him slowly but surely. He has his things he's working through, but I think he will be baptized in my team here in puerto. I think both of the, will be honestly. I hope I get to see that at least! Super good guys, great hearts. It's funny because Wilson is this hugeeee guy but he's such a nice guy, haha I help him with his English. He wants me to record English lessons and the them on a USB drive for him.... I don't know how I would do that so I just told him to look it up on YouTube. You can find everything on YouTube.  Yesterday I learned something interesting, our Sunday school teacher told us that we cant build a temple in France because there is a law. This law says that the police have to be able to enter the building... but the temple is a sacred place for us and you need a recommend saying that your keeping all the commandments and what not... so that's why we don't have a temple in France! Interesting, no? 

I feel like I live inside of a broken record player.... my companion played the same 2 or 3 songs on his guitar and sings everyday... hahaha it's interesting! Oh well! I'm doing well out here! I'm alive so that's gotta count for something! I hope all is well back at home! You guys are all sweet people and I pray for you guys! Send me and email sometime if you have the chance! I don't care if your a stranger or whatever! I wanna hear from you!

Keep on keeping on. 
Elder Rex


Well this has been pretty interesting. The last two Sunday's we have
eaten with an American family that live here. So that has been nice!
Last month we had a family home evening in an American family's home!
It was big!! There was a pool...I wanted to get in it so bad. Tuesday
we had a bbq with the American branch priesthood! we played bocce ball
(spell check) it mad me think of the Becketts and the river because
they always play that there! Friday we had a Pioneer Day activity in
another americAns house! I'll try to send some pictures! Yesterday the
Frys gave me a giant bottle of hot sauce so I'm excited for that!
Anyways, I don't have much to say. We are teaching two people as of
now regularly. Wilson who is this HUGE buff guy. Super nice guy! and
Enrique. Enrique came to church yesterday so that was good! He's come
las last few weeks on and off! Hopefully he will be baptized in the
next few weeks!!! anyways, I love all you guys! I really do!

Elder Rex

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Well I don't have much for this week. It's terribly hot here.... hot and sticky. I will have a perfectly white collar when I start the day and at the end it's nasty dirty! I don't know how! I wash my neck daily!! My clothes just stick to my body....yucky. I've been trying to survive that. Friday was my birthday and we also had zone meeting which was nice! They sang happy birthday to me and what not! I also got a package from home that day! That was great. My companion later that day dropped our phone in a bucket of water so that was awesome....I bought a new suit this was a present and its crazy sale time so it only made sense to snatch one. It's so hot. I remember in the beginning of my mission complaining about the cold....oh how I miss the cold. I got
a haircut this week and it's really short... so mom you will like it. I don't. Haha
I hope all is well!!! Love you all!!
Elder Rex

The sisters decorated my door for my bday!


Monday: we went airsofting with part of the zone in Jarez, it was pretty fun! It's sad though, the place we went used to be super huge, a 4 story building with different layouts on each floor. But 3 days before we went, someone threw a Molotov Cocktail in their window and lit the place on fire.. it destroyed almost everything they had... I thought I was in Spain not Russia! 
Tuesday: We has english class and once of our investigators came. Everyone has difficultly with the pronunciation of English words and it's hard to teach that!! Haha
Wednesday: Like always I don't remember Wednesday....
Thursday: we had lunch at a members house, we had lentils, salad and bread. It was pretty good! I was still hungry afterwards....
Friday: we had district meeting on Friday. It was also the birthday of Hermana Stradling, one of the sister missionaries here in puerto. We celebrated a little. The Guffey's (senior missionary couple that live by us) made us waffles, eggs and sausage after district meeting for lunch so that was awesome to have! They always cook something semi American for us! 
Saturday: We went to a town like 30 minutes away to be part of a "harvest" (sounds kinda weird...I feel like it's something aliens would do to humans)  anyways it's where every missionary was placed with a member of the branch over there and we went out on the streets and talked to people and harvested them... aka: asked if they wanted to listen to our message. I was with a guy named Thomas, nice guys, he told me he served his mission in Madrid in 91'. I told him I was in heaven in 91' he thought that was really funny. Haha afterwards I ate the worst kebab I've eaten here In Spain so it was a disappointment for me.
Sunday: same old same old. We ate with Jorge, a recent convert to the church. He's an awesome dude, funny and has a strong testimony. We gave the sacrament to this Romanian lady like we do every week and she feed us some really strong was might have been from the prehistoric times. 

Cristobal Colon, so I see this name occasionally, enough to make me wonder who this dude is and why he has a plaza and stuff but Christopher Columbus doesn't... but I'm pretty dang sure they are the same guy. Hahah these English name translations just getting me all confused! 


Monday: we didn't do much, we played soccer with some elders from a different area, bought food, and emailed. And when I say bought food it was rice and tuna because it was the end of the month and everyone was poor, so we ate that with two other elders in our district. We got money the next day so we could buy more food Tuesday.
Tuesday: just a normal day, nothing special sorry :/
Wednesday: same as Tuesday....we had a good lesson with a investigator of ours named Enrique. We had a recent convert come with us and he was awesome. He pretty much taught and me and my comp sat there haha it was sweet. 
Thursday: we usually eat at a members house Thursday after planning so we did that. It's getting really really its bad.
Friday: we went to Sevilla to meet our new mission president! The Andersen's from Blackfoot, Idaho. Pretty sure the name was Blackfoot, I was thinking about that name and I feel like the name derives from frost bitten feet of Idaho. Early settlers who just froze in good ole Idaho. Idk. Anyways, they seem like great people, I'm excited to get to know them. The first thing president said to me was "I like your smile Elder Rex, I bet you just convert people without talking" so pretty good first impression I think! It was super hot in Sevilla, I heard it got to like 122 there last week.... I'm glad I'm not there! But there is one perk of Sevilla, the American Dream, aka: Costco. Pretty much the same as American Costco from what I've heard. 1.50 for a hot dog and drink even! 
Saturday: Fourth of July! We played soccer in the blazing heat in the morning, it was terribly fun. After that we had a Fourth of July party with some people from our zone! I motivated everyone to have the party, I was determined to celebrate America!! Haha it was a good time! I also got a 2lb jar of extra crunchy peanut butter... so you could say that was just the American stamp of approval for the day. 
Sunday: so pants had sweat marks on could see wet patches on my knees...don't ask me why, but my knees sweat a ton I guess! Gave a blessing to a lady in the ward and then we sweated some more! So yeah...


This week was pretty normal-ish for a missionary. I played soccer on Monday in a San Lucar with some other elders and their members. We took a bus there and I had never been there and my comp never got off the bus so we drove right through the town, didn't get off at both stops in the town...we made it to a different town and bought a different bus ticket to go back to the town we just drove yeah that was interesting. 

Tuesday we had district meeting, it was pretty normal. We have a missionary couple who live on the military base near us and they cook for us after every district meeting so that's very nice of them! We had sloppy joes and salad. And American soda like root beer, dr. Pepper and cream soda. You can't buy those here. And ranch dressing which was nice! While we were eating a kept hearing a bird tweeting somewhere and we figured out it was in the ceiling...being the good person I am I tried my best to save it but I'm afraid I failed. I took off the air conditioning vent so it had a way to get out but I think it just didn't wanna I sealed it back up. 

Wednesday and Thursday I was in Jarez because my comp had a district leader training he went to at the mission home. So I was with an Elder Bean in his area working. Just normal days.

Friday I don't remember....

Saturday we played soccer in the morning like we do every Saturday, I like to think I'm getting better but I'm not so sure about that. Give me a year and a half and I should be a little better.  Met some guy named Francisco, the guy is really smart. Like he knew a ton of history and a ton about the NBA, dates, scores and players. Pretty interesting old dude. 

And Sunday was Sunday. Church and what not. As my comp says "Mi hermano!!! domingo es el mejor día del semana!!!! So yeah....

Today we played soccer and I did pretty decent, im known for being a good defender. And putting effort in because I don't like to lose at zone leader said he's going to start calling me Taz because I'm like the Tasmanian Devil out there, I'm just everywhere. Really all I do is put forth effort. I'm pretty exhausted from it though...putting forth effort is tiring. We are also out of butane which gives us hot my showers are ocean in the winter frigid. I hop in the water, hop out, soap up so I only have to hop back in the water one more time. I tried to think that it's like the ocean but then I said to myself "if the ocean was this cold I wouldn't be in it without a wetsuit" So yeah that's interesting. 

That's been my week! Hope all is well! You are in my prayers! 
Elder Rex

Part of our zone after soccer


Hey there family and friends! I hope everything is well back home. Things are going fine here in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Not much to update you guys on...

I bought some soccer shoes this week since we play soccer every Saturday with members, recent converts and investigators. I'm pretty much a pro now since I have some soccer shoes...or at least that's how I thought it would work! But I'm still pretty just help a little. 

One guy thought I was from Spain this week so that was pretty cool...I want to be able to trick people by the end of my mission in to thinking I'm from Spain, I think that would be funny. But I also got told I look like Timmy Turner and Jimmy Nuetron (cartoon characters) and the I got that going for me....

It's hot here...and my comp always turns off the a/c and I'm not sure why. I haven't slept with a sheet or blanket on me since I've gotten here...and he likes to shut our door to our room so it's terribly stuffy and stagnant in our room at night. But it's all good, it could be worse I guess

To answer your questions things are different here. the people, the climate. Im melting like a frosty the snowman in an oven. I wasn't born to live in the heat when I cant body doesn't like it one bit. I just die daily and apparently its just spring time....scary. I don't know how I will function in the summer time. I'm by the coast so we get a breeze but humidity too. its just wonderful weather to be walking outside all day. trust me. you all should try it, but wear dark pants and a constricting collar. ¡QUE BUENO!

The people here are know to be just a nice carefree people. In Andalusia they are also know for their terrible accent....great for the kid who can barely understand someone with a normal accent!!!

The worst thing is the heat. my body... I feel like a super hot microwave a grape and thats me. Thats what came to my head... I'm not sure why.

Monday, June 1, 2015

El Puerto de Santa Maria

Well hey there family and friends! I am in my new area now, El Puerto de Santa Maria. A pueblo of Cadiz. Everything is going good! It was a much needed change for all aspects so I'm pretty content! Also pretty sweaty... all my friends know that I don't sweat, or at least Chase knows that and here I sweat. More than Chase at homecoming and that's a lot! Hahaha I probably should take a shower morning, afternoon and night but I don't have enough G's for that! I would have to do wash like twice a week or put sweaty G's back on and I can't bring myself to do that...I tried. 

But all is well, my comp is a good guy! Elder Pomazon de Peru! He is 27 years old!! He's a funny dude. I think I will grow a lot these next two transfers with him. That's another thing, I will be doing the honor of killing him, that means that he will be finishing his mission with me, I will "kill" him off He has one transfer after this one. He tells weird jokes sometimes which I just laugh at so he's not laughing by he told me "what did the boy dog say to the girl dog?" ..... "wow" and he busted out laughing... so I just kinda chuckled and hope he didn't tell another. He's a nice guy... But they are all so nice in the beginning... hahaha we'll see

Well I don't know much about Puerto as of now. Our area is bigger than my previous  one in Lorca and it's like a maze here. I'll get the hang of it, I pride myself on my sense of direction. I'm not sure if that sentence makes sense... can you say "I pride myself" I think so... anyways it's on the coast and it's pretty toasty but there is a nice ocean breeze a lot so that helps. I don't really know very many members yet but there is one kid named Marcello and I feel like I know the kid.. I don't know why but he reminds me of someone or something. It's been bugging me all day!! We have the one investigator who is super buff.... like super. I'll send a pic sometime, his name is Wilson. There are four missionaries here in puerto, me and my comp and two hermanas. Also my zone leader is the same zone leader I had in Lorca so I will have the same zone leader for almost ten months! But that's good because he is a good guy! 

So I went to Cadiz Friday, I took a boat there since it's just down the coast a little so that's new for me...I'm used to the buses! It was fun walking around there because I'm pretty sure Uncle Jay served there and it was fun to look at the old buildings and think that he saw the same ones. BUT why did we go to Cadiz, well because I am now writing this email on my yeah that's weird. I have an iPad now! Well kinda like half an iPad.... The church locked downs these things hard. If we do anything we are supposed to with them our president gets a notification of what we are doing. We have a list of websites and apps we are allowed to use. And if you try to bypass the software the iPad pretty much self destructs, or so they say... I'll let you guys know if it's true ;) 

Church was good, everyone loves my gray suit. Haha but I don't really know what to say when people compliment I compliment them back?! Or will they just thing I throwing out compliments because they complimented me?! Talk about stress... So usually I just say gracias... I just get stressed when people compliment me. I've had multiple people compliment me on my Spanish and say I speak very well for how little I've been out...I speak like a drunk man half the time! But maybe everyone is just used to drunken speech here in Spain since everyone drinks like there life depends on it, here not so much but in Lorca! Im just a pretty big deal out here in Spain okay? You Americans just don't understand ;) haha just kidding I'm pretty much nothing, the lord is nice enough to bless me with some stuff to work with so I don't die over here hahaha. 

I guess I'm close to an American military base and there is a senior missionary couple who lives on it and they can obtain American products if I ask so that's pretty sweet! Pretty much I want refried beans and peanut butter, go America!!!!  There also is an English speaking ward after my ward so I want to try to attend that one time and speak the good ole English with some people. The ward mission leader here is pretty cool, I think he got back from his mission not to long ago and I'm pretty sure he works at the CCM (MTC) sometimes. 

Oh I heard that Elder L. Tom Perry died... How sad. But he is in a far better place with far better people. He was suffering from cancer and he was old. I've been reading all the teachings of the prophets and it's quite cool. All these guys and how they became who they are. I'm trying to obtain as much wisdom as I can out here. 

Not much else to say, things are fine out here! I just wish it wasn't so hot... that's all for now folks! I'm going to have to find out how to send photos from my camera since I just email on here now...

Love Elder Rex

Monday, May 25, 2015

So I'm being transferred! I will now being serving in El Puerto de Santa Maria! It's over by Cadiz for anyone who knows southern Spain. It's 300 miles west of where I am now. I will be serving with another native Spanish speaking companion, Elder Pomazon. He is Peruvian! So we will see how that goes! I'm excited to see a new part of Spain! I will be able to get american food over there I think! There is a senior couple who lives on a american military base and they can buy american food for me if I want!  As expected, I'm a little nervous but excited! I get there on Wednesday so by next week I will be able to tell you more hopefully. I don't like that I have to re pack up everything but I guess I should get used to it! 

This week was pretty good, we kinda had a baptism! We reactivated this lady and her 8 year old daughter got baptized but it doesn't count as a mission baptism because she's 8 and that goes through the ward or branch! But that doesn't matter, it was a sweet thing to watch, afterwards she bore her testimony and she started to say "when I got in to the baptismal font I felt the spirit..." and she just got super emotional and couldn't finish. She really could feel the spirit it was a touching thing to witness. It's weird saying goodbye to people here in Lorca! I have been here for almost 5 months! I finally was getting used to it.. haha oh well. 

It's been warm this week but not too bad. I climbed a hill into a castle! I feel like I could build a pretty good castle on Strongholder now. Also I'm sending some videos that we took home for you guys to watch! They're pretty funny

I hope all is well back home! Love you guys!

Elder Rex

Tugaa. One of my favorite guys

Monday, May 18, 2015

I don't know what to say about this week, not too much has happened I traveled thursday and friday to Murcia because we had meetings with president thursday and zone meeting friday. Um I went up on this mountain and took some pictures... oh and it was like super duper hot. Like nasty hot. 111 I think. 
Also it turns out I dont have testicle cancer so thats the good news of the week! Yeah I had some concerns but I went to a doctor and Im okay! Suprise! haha 

I hope all is good back home! I find out saturday if I get transfered (I think I will), but we will see! 

Love Elder Rex


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

It was great to Skype you all yesterday!! I don't have too much to say since we talked so much... I hope you have a great week!!

Love you! Elder Rex

Some things we talked about during Skype:

-- The mission wide conference last week in Sevilla was the first time the entire Málaga mission has been gathered together (picture below)

-- They don't do much knocking on doors, they mostly teach people on the streets or references from members
-- They teach a lot of Africans, most Spaniards are not too interested
-- He is teaching the lessons in Spanish
-- Jordan is afraid he will get fat on his mission so he likes to exercise a lot
-- He misses music and sushi
-- He eats a lot of Fufu, and in his apartment he makes a lot of pasta with chicken, turkey, and veggies
-- He is going to learn how to make Paella, a Spanish rice dish

Monday, May 4, 2015

Super indie

 Well hello... This week was hottttt. We decided to have a bbq with a few kids who are members and non members. We didn't plan it out though... I wanted to but some people just like to wing it.. and that doesn't work well.  We left our piso at around 11 and got home at 6:30 we expected it to end at 2ish. But that's what happens when you don't plan!! And you don't let the eagle scouts build the fire since you are anti fire starter and whatnot. It's all about the experience I guess.

Tomorrow I have a 9 hour bus ride to Sevilla for the mission wide meeting about iPads and stuff. Hopefully we will receive them next week!! Sevilla has a Costco!! Fun Fact! Also Sevilla is the hottest place in Spain I think... #SUIT #IMGOINGTOMELT --- gotta get ready for technology;)
Next weeks email should me more interesting. But yeah I'm melting here in Lorca... I'm sunburned and everyone makes fun of me because I'm a white boy who is red now
BUT I bought some sunscreen!!!

I'm excited to Skype on Mother's Day!

Love you guys!

My BIC pen collection that I love


Hey there friends and family. I hope all is well back home! Well this week went by fast and I'm not really sure what happened really. Kinda like every week...
I go to Sevilla next tuesday for a mission wide conference with area authorities and 70s about the iPads we will be getting. We should get them next week a day or two after the conference.. but idk. I'm excited to see friends from the MTC that I haven't seen since the day we left!! Miss them them so it should be good!

Here are some answers to some things Courtney asked me:
I eat at a this lady's house usually every Wednesday. We usually eat paella, just a typical spanish rice dish. I will learn how to make it so I can make it when I come home! 

Not so much knocking doors... occasionally. Mainly references from other members and just people on the street. Depends on who I'm talking to, Spaniards are usually strict Catholics and don't want much from us. South Americans are wishy washy catholics who will listen and are open to it. Africans are just a very religious based people here. They are always down to listen but here the ones we have as investagators or recent converts have drinking problems so they are always drunk.

Love you all!!!
Elder Rex

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey I don't have much to say this week but I will send a few pictures to make up for it!
I was sick for about 24 hours this week because I think I ate something bad...not sure what but I think a tomato which is lame. 
It was just another week, we went bowling last monday! I won! woohoo! 

I'm trying to eat healthy so I don't get fat over here... my first comp showed me a video and he got really fat at one point (sorry Elder Bassett) but it's true and I'm not sure I can get fat with my body build, but I don't wanna find out! I basically have just been eating a lot of chicken and turkey with pasta and rice and vegetables. 

I got letters from Uncle Mike, Aunt Tasi and their family so that was nice to get! and a package from Becky and Halle! That was great!! I love getting stuff. 

We get iPads soon! Which means I will be a facebook missionary. Weird!

I hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Rex

Artsy pictures during bowling
What I eat for breakfast sometimes!

Monday, April 13, 2015


I saw Jacob came home! Super weird... haha anyways not much has happened this week! I do have some things to tell you guys! 

1. I have another transfer here in Lorca (6 weeks). Transfer calls happened on saturday and nothing changed here for me.

2.Im getting an iPad the first week in May! So I don't really know how that all works with paying and stuff, but we pay for it and at the end of my mission I get to take it home with me! Weird!!

3.I cant remember what else I had to say....hopefully it wasnt important!

Anyways it's been a slow week. Francis came to church yesterday, the man who I cant understand and stresses me out to the point of death. So we walked to church with him and everything was fine, and then I went up to bless the sacrament and he was sitting next to Elder Justiniano. After the sacrament I went and sat behind him because there wasn't room next to him. It was fast sunday so members of the ward were sharing their testimonies and he turns around and hands me 5 euros and I asked why... he said something along the lines of how I'm a good person of God or something. I proceeded to tell him I couldn't accept it because as a missionary everything I do is free; I don't do it for money. He got really offended for some reason, to the point where I though he was going to punch me or something. It was super weird! He began reading from his bible out loud while someone was up there bearing their testimony... and then finally he stood up mid testimony and started pointing to one of the members on the stand, like full on standing up just repeatedly pointing for who knows why! So I made hime sit down and sat next to him the rest of church .... I cannot convey over email how weird and stressful it was but it was sooo strange and bizarre. Oh well. 

Not much else happened worth mentioning! I spent like 9 euros on burger king... not worth it! I make myself chicken sandwiches every night pretty much... they are pretty good! 

Love you all! 
Elder Rex