Monday, May 25, 2015

So I'm being transferred! I will now being serving in El Puerto de Santa Maria! It's over by Cadiz for anyone who knows southern Spain. It's 300 miles west of where I am now. I will be serving with another native Spanish speaking companion, Elder Pomazon. He is Peruvian! So we will see how that goes! I'm excited to see a new part of Spain! I will be able to get american food over there I think! There is a senior couple who lives on a american military base and they can buy american food for me if I want!  As expected, I'm a little nervous but excited! I get there on Wednesday so by next week I will be able to tell you more hopefully. I don't like that I have to re pack up everything but I guess I should get used to it! 

This week was pretty good, we kinda had a baptism! We reactivated this lady and her 8 year old daughter got baptized but it doesn't count as a mission baptism because she's 8 and that goes through the ward or branch! But that doesn't matter, it was a sweet thing to watch, afterwards she bore her testimony and she started to say "when I got in to the baptismal font I felt the spirit..." and she just got super emotional and couldn't finish. She really could feel the spirit it was a touching thing to witness. It's weird saying goodbye to people here in Lorca! I have been here for almost 5 months! I finally was getting used to it.. haha oh well. 

It's been warm this week but not too bad. I climbed a hill into a castle! I feel like I could build a pretty good castle on Strongholder now. Also I'm sending some videos that we took home for you guys to watch! They're pretty funny

I hope all is well back home! Love you guys!

Elder Rex

Tugaa. One of my favorite guys

Monday, May 18, 2015

I don't know what to say about this week, not too much has happened I traveled thursday and friday to Murcia because we had meetings with president thursday and zone meeting friday. Um I went up on this mountain and took some pictures... oh and it was like super duper hot. Like nasty hot. 111 I think. 
Also it turns out I dont have testicle cancer so thats the good news of the week! Yeah I had some concerns but I went to a doctor and Im okay! Suprise! haha 

I hope all is good back home! I find out saturday if I get transfered (I think I will), but we will see! 

Love Elder Rex


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

It was great to Skype you all yesterday!! I don't have too much to say since we talked so much... I hope you have a great week!!

Love you! Elder Rex

Some things we talked about during Skype:

-- The mission wide conference last week in Sevilla was the first time the entire Málaga mission has been gathered together (picture below)

-- They don't do much knocking on doors, they mostly teach people on the streets or references from members
-- They teach a lot of Africans, most Spaniards are not too interested
-- He is teaching the lessons in Spanish
-- Jordan is afraid he will get fat on his mission so he likes to exercise a lot
-- He misses music and sushi
-- He eats a lot of Fufu, and in his apartment he makes a lot of pasta with chicken, turkey, and veggies
-- He is going to learn how to make Paella, a Spanish rice dish

Monday, May 4, 2015

Super indie

 Well hello... This week was hottttt. We decided to have a bbq with a few kids who are members and non members. We didn't plan it out though... I wanted to but some people just like to wing it.. and that doesn't work well.  We left our piso at around 11 and got home at 6:30 we expected it to end at 2ish. But that's what happens when you don't plan!! And you don't let the eagle scouts build the fire since you are anti fire starter and whatnot. It's all about the experience I guess.

Tomorrow I have a 9 hour bus ride to Sevilla for the mission wide meeting about iPads and stuff. Hopefully we will receive them next week!! Sevilla has a Costco!! Fun Fact! Also Sevilla is the hottest place in Spain I think... #SUIT #IMGOINGTOMELT --- gotta get ready for technology;)
Next weeks email should me more interesting. But yeah I'm melting here in Lorca... I'm sunburned and everyone makes fun of me because I'm a white boy who is red now
BUT I bought some sunscreen!!!

I'm excited to Skype on Mother's Day!

Love you guys!

My BIC pen collection that I love


Hey there friends and family. I hope all is well back home! Well this week went by fast and I'm not really sure what happened really. Kinda like every week...
I go to Sevilla next tuesday for a mission wide conference with area authorities and 70s about the iPads we will be getting. We should get them next week a day or two after the conference.. but idk. I'm excited to see friends from the MTC that I haven't seen since the day we left!! Miss them them so it should be good!

Here are some answers to some things Courtney asked me:
I eat at a this lady's house usually every Wednesday. We usually eat paella, just a typical spanish rice dish. I will learn how to make it so I can make it when I come home! 

Not so much knocking doors... occasionally. Mainly references from other members and just people on the street. Depends on who I'm talking to, Spaniards are usually strict Catholics and don't want much from us. South Americans are wishy washy catholics who will listen and are open to it. Africans are just a very religious based people here. They are always down to listen but here the ones we have as investagators or recent converts have drinking problems so they are always drunk.

Love you all!!!
Elder Rex