Monday, January 26, 2015

First week in Lorca

Elder Rex here live from Lorca, Spain!
Well It's cold here! Our apartment doesn't have any heating so I sleep in sweats and like 3 blankets. My bed is so squeaky! And while studying in the morning I get frostbite in at least 3 different locations... so thats fun! Anyway! There is a large African population here in Lorca, I teach in english half of the time which is interesting. Oh my trainer is Elder Bassett (pictured above), he's a super cool guy from good ole Utah! Also, it snowed the last day I was at the MTC! My thoughts are kind of sporadic, sorry about that. Well I was teaching some less active members of the ward, two guys from Ghana or Nigeria, I don't remember which. Their roommate came in all drunk and I, being the polite guy I am, started to ask where he was from and he didn't enjoy that very much. He started to get a little angry and asked why I wanted to know and started to yell at me in broken english mixed with some african dialect. Then he accused me of killing Martin Luther King! I don't recall doing that but he says I did it! Pretty dang funny! 

So I wake up at 7 and work out till 7:30. 7:30 till 8:30 is when we shower and eat breakfast. Then we study until around 12 then 12 till 2 we have appointments and whatnot. We come back at 2 for lunch till 5 because we have extra study time since I'm being trained. Then 5 till 9:45 ish we are out and about! And then we plan our next day, maybe eat some food and then go to bed! Then repeat every day. Haha all is well though!! We taught some guy who saw an angel so thats pretty cool. I had no idea what was going on in the lesson but the guy was just flapping his arms like a giant bird so later I asked Elder Bassett what that was about, and apparently that's when he was telling us about the angel he saw. He also said that I have sad eyes... kinda strange! I had to tell him they were indeed happy eyes. 

I had kebab today! if anyone knows what that is! It's like a big hunk of meat on a rotisserie and then they shave it off and put it in a wrap or sandwich. It's tasty! I get to eat fufu later this week with Toomba, who is a guy from Ghana in our ward. Excited for that. Oh good news!! Elder Bassett shares the same passion I have for hot cheetos so that is pretty awesome! He has a bag from christmas that we are going to open later since today is his birthday. Anyways here is my  address if anyone wants to write me or send me things ;)   
Elder Jordan Rex
c/ Juan Carlos 1 46 7B
Lorca-Murcia 30800
I would love to hear from everyone! Mail is like gold out here!!!! I'm trying to think of more things to say but I cant think of much! I've anointed four blessing and invited like 4 people to be baptized so far, It's crazy! Spanish is rough but coming along. I miss all of you. You are always in my payers!! 

Elder Rex

Friday, January 16, 2015

Last week in the MTC!

Short email this week since I used all my time sending pictures. Same old same old over here. Can't belive it's my last week in the MC! I'm going to the mission home on Tuesday and spending the night. And i met my mission president this week, he was here for a meeting. He seems like a cool dude. 
Ummm so yeah it's last pday! That's strange. I think i email again monday because I'll miss pday next week. Maybe I'll email when I get to mission home and tell you my area and companion and whatnot. Im excited to leave but nervous because i still don't really speak spanish... I hope my companion speaks some english!! 
Miss and love you all. Send letters to my new address once i get it! I love letters. I hope all is well. 

Madrid Temple.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another week down here in Spain! Crazy. Feels like I’m on a different
planet time wise, for those of you who say that latest Matthew Mcconaughey
movie about space, its kinda like that. I’m on the planet and you guys
are on the spaceship and I’m gone 2 hours but its like 3 years for you
or something...Im not sure. I’m not a physicist… yet. I’m working on

Anyways some of the hermanas here think I’m a philosopher and some others think I’m the next Steve Erwin... so that’s interesting. So we teach "investagators" and two nights ago I came up with the good idea to sing to ours! For those of you who have heard me sing, it’s a bad thing. I chose the song Love One Another, and lets just say my investagator and I were laughing so hard we were crying... it was terrible. I just like to believe it was the spirit that brought the tears. I’m going to some big soccer stadium in a hour...apparently its a big deal but I cant remember the name of it.

I’ve decided the hardest part of the mission are these two things: 1. Spanish 2. Soccer. I was not born to play soccer. It’s a fact. I’m slowly improving though, same goes with the language. But come on!! Why do I need to know about 2 past tenses! How is there two!? There is only one past! Unless your Matthew Mcconaughey in that movie... then you might have like 6 pasts.... anyways. I hope everyone is doing well!! Food here in the cafeteria is ehh. But I survive. I eat kiwis a lot... 3 at lunch yesterday. I think I ate some moldy peppers in my salad too the other day but I seem to be alive still. Well i guess next week is my last week in the MTC......... that’s awkward considering I barely speak Spanish! And apparently everyone in Malaga speaks differently and they don’t use "s" or something bizarre. I bought some lucky charms last week from an American store and I’m not proud about how much they cost me. I know chase would be disappointed knowing how much I spent! I got the package with
beef jerky! Thats like gold out here. I want to eat it but I don’t want it to disappear so i just suck on it.... strange, I know. I love and miss you all. I need to think of some sort of cheesy signing off now line to put at the end of these. Also I miss basketball. Sorry no pictures this week! Just imagine a picture of me looking really good ;) hahaha adios for now! I pray for you all!
Elder Rex