Monday, April 13, 2015


I saw Jacob came home! Super weird... haha anyways not much has happened this week! I do have some things to tell you guys! 

1. I have another transfer here in Lorca (6 weeks). Transfer calls happened on saturday and nothing changed here for me.

2.Im getting an iPad the first week in May! So I don't really know how that all works with paying and stuff, but we pay for it and at the end of my mission I get to take it home with me! Weird!!

3.I cant remember what else I had to say....hopefully it wasnt important!

Anyways it's been a slow week. Francis came to church yesterday, the man who I cant understand and stresses me out to the point of death. So we walked to church with him and everything was fine, and then I went up to bless the sacrament and he was sitting next to Elder Justiniano. After the sacrament I went and sat behind him because there wasn't room next to him. It was fast sunday so members of the ward were sharing their testimonies and he turns around and hands me 5 euros and I asked why... he said something along the lines of how I'm a good person of God or something. I proceeded to tell him I couldn't accept it because as a missionary everything I do is free; I don't do it for money. He got really offended for some reason, to the point where I though he was going to punch me or something. It was super weird! He began reading from his bible out loud while someone was up there bearing their testimony... and then finally he stood up mid testimony and started pointing to one of the members on the stand, like full on standing up just repeatedly pointing for who knows why! So I made hime sit down and sat next to him the rest of church .... I cannot convey over email how weird and stressful it was but it was sooo strange and bizarre. Oh well. 

Not much else happened worth mentioning! I spent like 9 euros on burger king... not worth it! I make myself chicken sandwiches every night pretty much... they are pretty good! 

Love you all! 
Elder Rex

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