Monday, November 14, 2016


Sorry I'm so terrible at keeping up with my weekly letters. Sometimes I just don't know what to write, but I'll try to make this one a decent one. I've never been a man of many words. 

So Elder Alexander will finish his mission next Wednesday, meaning I'll be getting a new, and my last, companion in just over a week. Should be interesting. Doesn't really feel real though... not gunna lie. Maybe I'll be home one day haha we've been trying to teach over here but it's hard. It's a tiny little branch full of interesting people to say the least. But I love it. I bless the sacrament every week and sometimes I bless the bread and water while my companion passes. We have even led the meeting before. We don't have a branch president but we do have a counselor... so we got something going for us! Haha he's a good guy and keeps the branch afloat. There is a really nice Finnish family who attends church here so that's fun. My companion and I are the primary/nursery "teachers" so pretty much we teach two four years olds hahaha they are more interested in stealing our name tags or lying on the floor than learning. It's interesting. 

Our number one investigator is named Ana. She's a nice lady from Ecuador. She loves the Book of Mormon and the church but can't find the motivation to come to church on Sundays. She's lives in a different town than the building and she would have to take the bus but she's not really down for that. Plus, her kids say that they are "Catholics"... so she won't come alone but the kids won't come with her. It's a pickle. I guess we will see what happens. We also have been helping a less active member, his name is Geronimo. Good guy but a lifetime of drugs and alcohol have fried him a little. He came to church last Sunday for the first time in a year and hasn't consumed alcohol or drugs in 4 weeks. That's so good!! The first time I saw him I also saw cocaine and heroine for the first time is my life. Haha 

This area is probably the hardest of my mission teaching wise... few members, we mainly have to find people to teach outside of the town we live in which requires 45 minutes of bus time there and then again back. Haha anyways, idk what else to say, I'm excited for conference! Glad we have a prophet and apostles to guide us through our lives! Love you all.

Hermana Gentry!! The Carter's cousin and friend of Courtney

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