Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Welp, I'm in Nerja, the most touristy place in our entire mission! Like holy cow...I don't think anyone actually lives here, everyone is from various countries in Europe... it's crazy. You walk down the street and you hear English, German, Finnish, and a whole bunch of other languages. Half of the time I don't even know what country I am in. As you can imagine this all makes the work very difficult, for multiple reasons:
1. Language barrier
2. They don't live here so they wont be here for a long period of time
3. They are on vacation and don't want us bothering them

It really is beautiful place though! It's somewhere I hope to return to when I'm not a missionary so I can take advantage of the beaches. Haha It's really a crazy place to be. We do have a few other cities that we take a bus to, and they aren't as touristy. 

Right now we are working with a lady named Anna. She's from Ecuador, and she loves the Book of Mormon and is honestly read to be baptized! It's great. But she hasn't come to church! She says her family needs her on Sundays... so we will work on that.

Our apartment is very small, probably half the size of my last one. We have a kitchen/living room combo, a bedroom, and bathroom. It's really weird. Everything here is just kind of weird. We went to visit someone the other day and he had some cocaine out on his table. He then pulled out a syringe with some heroine. So that was super strange. 

Anyways, I'm doing well. My comp is a good guy, like i said, he's finishing his mission this transfer and I finish the next one so we are old men out here in the mission field. We are tied with the assistants to be the oldest companionship in the mission.

Anyways love you all
Elder Rex


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