Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Africa way out there!
Hey there! Sorry I didn't email you guys last week! Well a lot has happened in this last week....Monday we went to Gibraltar! Elder Guffey the senior missionary took us there in his car! Me and my companion with another companionship from our district! It was pretty sweet! The monkeys are alright, they can be pretty ugly, I'm not gunna lie. But it's a pretty sweet place! There are some caves and siege tunnels but they cost extra and nobody wanted to pay to go in so I missed out on that! Haha I brought the onesie monkey pajama suit I have so I could take photos with the monkeys wearing it, everyone thought that was pretty funny! 

Wednesday, transfer day. My companion Elder Pomazon finished his mission, and I picked up my new companion Elder Hall. He is one transfer below me so he has like a month and a half less time out here than I. He's a good kid, I think I will be here with him for only one transfer before I go to a new area! But we started off the transfer good! At English class Thursday we were talking to our investigator Wilson about being baptized because he was supposed to be baptized Saturday but always pushes it back more time! But he said he wanted to Saturday! So on Friday elder shields my district leader came to puerto and had an interview with him so he could be baptized!! He passed. And I baptized him Saturday night, it was great! I'll send pictures! Sorry I don't have a lot of time!!


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