Monday, September 28, 2015

August 31, 2015

Well guys, I don't have much to say so I will try to fill in some info. My new comp is elder Hall from Utah. I'm liking being his companion, I do have one problem, he makes me the shatter companion... which is weird for me. He's is 6'6 so he has me by a few inches. I'm not used to being the shorter companion hahaha we are working hard here trying to find new people to teach but it's hard. To all you members out there, give your missionaries references! Pleaseeee. That's where you will find the most success; members working with the missionaries. We trying to help the ward here get more active in The Lords work. Little by little I guess. I was making food today and I had an egg in my hand and I looked at it and it had a chicken feather suck to it, that's pretty fresh I guess! I saw Cody got home! Someone tell him hello for me! And that I love him:) I hope he can still do an African accent by the time I get home...! Well I guess school is starting over there huh? It's weird that stuff like that has no effect on the mission. Even holidays are just another day, everyday is the same and worldly stuff doesn't really matter that much. So forgive me if I forget your birthday....Dad....whoops! Not that you want a reminder that you're getting old ;) hahaha I really don't have much else to say, our area is kinda drying up right now teaching wise so it's kinda rough. 

Everyone I talk to on the streets act like I'm trying to rob them or just stare at us because we are tall. One guy came up to us and said "you guys with your shirts and ties..." In a disgusted tone, so I asked him "you don't like our shirts and ties!?" With a big frown  on my face in a sad voice and then he asked me "do you like flies?" To which I said "no, not really..." Then he proceeded to tell us that we are annoying like flies and started talking about some woman and blah blah blah.... so I just told him to have a good day and we left haha stuff like that happens everyday. One guy rode by on a bike and yelled at us in English "Jesus loves you!! Both of you!!" Haha funny things happen out here! An American family bought us a bag of goodies and brought it to church! It had ranch, hot sauce, peanut butter for my comp, Gatorade for me, candies and chips! So that was super nice of them! I'm sure we will enjoy that!  I spend most of my time in the apartment and on the streets singing songs...for any of you who have heard me sing you know that's a bad thing for my companion and the entire country of Spain but I enjoy it. I've been singing Christmas songs recently. Yes, I know it's August... Elder Rex is one of a kind and people seem to enjoy that.
Well I love you all!
Bolivian food

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