Saturday, November 7, 2015


So this week has been the most productive of this transfer, we had 8 whole lessons! 4 of them were members...still it's a new record. We teach English class every Wednesday and there is a man who comes every time and is pretty interesting. He's is pretty much a conspiracy theorist. He was telling us about these towers that the U.S. Government owns to create earthquakes and tsunamis and what not. He also told me that when I look up in the sky and see a white streaks trailing behind a jet (a Pretty normal thing) that is the government
releasing some chemical toxic not keep the birth rate down...and then he got to 9/11 and I just walked out of the room hahaha. On Tuesday we went to this little town up in the mountains where a member of our ward owns a pizza shop, so we had free lunch there. The pizza is alright but the French fries were super good, they were like garlic French fries.
Friday we played basketball (first time in the mission for me!!!!) with a recent convert and a menos activo. It was pretty fun even though the ball was terrible and these kids were trying to do like 360 no look lay ups all the time. We are going to have a Halloween party next Friday so that should be fun, the month of October blew by. 
 Love elder Rex
Halloween activity

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