Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First day in Madrid!

Hey real quick email, I just got here...I might be alive im not quite sure. havent
really slept...Germany is weird. Spain seems pretty cool so far. I
feel nasty from all the travel and airplane food, its lovely. My neck
feels like its sunburned, not sure why. Maybe just irritated from
wearing it so long. Cant understand anyone so thats pretty cool.
havent met my companion yet but he has the key to our room we share.
um idk what to say really....i was alone until germany and then i
found 10 sisters! so that was a pretty good ratio to be a part of ;)
haha this spanish keyboard is funky...me and this dude are trying tto
figure it out. I just wanna sleep forever but ill be up bright and
early....lovely! Well im glad i wont be on a plane for two years.
terrible experience. somone is talking about doing sports but these
spainards dont make sense! a kid asked what sports we could do and she
said i dont know what are you doing...we dont know jack squat. When
i told the guy who showed me around my last name he said that i
already have a package...im guessing christmas. monday morning seems
like 4573 hours ago...ive probably slept 3 hours since then max. this
place will probably kick my butt.. i hope they have good food because
ill ive eaten is airplane food. it was nasty. my neck burns. im tired. i dont
know spanish. i feel greasy. my lips are chapped. welcome to the life
of elder Rex. they did give me some money though so thats nice....idk
how much it is. they use kilometers here and idk how to translate it.
i hope my companion is cool..if not oh well...im not sure what else to
say! tell people to email me!!   

 Love Elder Rex

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