Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hola! Elder Rexito here! (My Finnish friend calls me that)

How’s the good ole USA? I have a little American flag on my bed so I represent us
well even though I’m surrounded by an Austrian, Finnish and two Canadians! Last night they all thanked America for winning World War 2 so that’s cool haha anyways! I’m getting better at futbol but I’m still not good. I’m good at defending people and that’s about it! I call myself el tigre! Anyways idk what to write! Christmas was weird, did not feel like Christmas!! Special thank you to the Robertson and Neilson families for their Christmas cards! They are hanging up on my wall!! We watched ELF and that was fun!! I ate 8 slices of pizza on Christmas Eve so that was fun. A whole pizza and then 3 scoops of ice cream after that! I couldn’t move! I’m such a comedian here! People just laugh at my jokes all the time, the hermanas love me! (not too much). Native Spanish speakers are coming here soon so that will be cool to practice my Spanish! Ummm I went out last week and ate some tapas and whatnot. Spain is a busy place!  

So I went to the temple today and I was wearing my white shirt and tie and I went to get a drink from the water fountain when it started to growl at me and then just shot a fine mist of brown liquid all over my face and tie.... my companion just laughed at me and I stood there in disbelief! It was nasty and I had to get a new tie and everything!!! I’ll try to send pictures next week!!! It’s hard to do.

I’m going back to emailing on Thursday next week so like ten days or something! I miss you all! You are all in my prayers!! As my good friend Elder Neilson would say, "may the force be with you"

Elder Rexito

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