Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hey!! They dont give me enough time to email in here!! Well this week should be fun, we have Pday today (tuesday) Christmas eve festivities tomorrow and then Christmas the next day, so it' s pretty nice! Spanish kicked my but yesterday. It is very frustrating for me because im a competitive person by nature and here I am not being able to express my thoughts in Spanish! Oh well... just keep going I guess. Just have to keep in mind Ether 12:27!

Well i dont know what to say its only been 5 days since last email. I bought a light up Christmas sweater, I will try to get pictures to you sometime. Everyone
loves my monkey suit so thats a plus! And everyone here thinks im
pretty dang funny so i try to lighten moods with that. I'm a horrible
soccer player!!! Woohooo!!! We play at this concrete arena every day. There's a bunch of graffiti. I did score a goal yesterday though so im gaining respect and my Austrian friend said i was like a tiger out there, so there’s that. I put effort in and people think im decent for that reason. Oh my roommates and I sing "You Are Loved" by Josh Groban at least 3 times a day, tell Shane that
for me he will appreciate it.

Some cool songs to look up on youtube for Christmas are Cloverton Hallelujah and Share The Gift with the piano guys and David Archuleta. Speaking of that man...he came here on Sunday and i pretty much was 2nd row at a David Archuleta concert. The dude can sing! He didnt really remember Courtney though when i asked... 

I hope all is well back home. I bet Nala misses me, dont worry i miss her too. Umm so the food here is interesting! We get to go eat in the city tonight so that
should taste better!! Eat some sushi for me. Overall I’m doing well!! The hardest part right now is the Spanish!! But i should get better! Tell everyone i miss them! I got a package from Sarah yesterday so that was sweeeet! Getting mail seriously makes you a celebrity in here! Oh and that's pretty sweet that Uncle Jay served with my mission prez! Well i will talk to you guys Thursday! 5:30 Madrid time!!

Love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love Elder Rex

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