Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 3!

Heyyo! Elder Rex here from the windy city of Lorca! When I got my call to southern Spain I didn't think that it would get this cold!! But every morning I die a little from the cold, oh well! It's hard to remember all that has happened in a week so bare with me as I try to recall. So last pday we went to go explore this castle thing up on this hill and some caves that are up there. It was pretty cool because you can look out over the whole city of Lorca. It was a nice day! I even got a little hot when we were exploring which was a nice feeling. I think homeless people might live in the caves because they smell pretty bad. Then after that went wen back to the pieso (apartment) and had some food. Which was great. I eat like 3 quesadillas a day and like 5 eggs a day but I think I'm losing weight haha and I feel like I eat so much more than all of the other elders in the pieso.

I had my first zone meeting on friday so we took an hour and a half long bus ride to get there. While we were there, Elder Bassett and I had to give a "taller" or small little lesson on obedience. And I still don't really speak spanish sooo yeah... but I think it went pretty well! It's pretty unheard of to have to give a taller on your first zone meeting but I did it! Woohooo

Hahah how's life back in the good ole USA? We have a few investigators we are teaching but they are just becoming more wishy washy. And they wont come to church! Pretty Frustrating. We play uno sometimes when we have time so thats fun. I'll try to send some pictures to you guys! Oh we have a drawer in our kitchen full of like 40 oranges because everyone here works in the field so they get free oranges or something so they give them to us. Vitamin C overload!!

 Love and miss you all! Till next week!

Elder Rex

The orange drawer
"How I keep fashionably warm" 

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