Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 4

So another week here in Spain!

Time is a weird concept on a mission. I'm not sure exactly how it works... minutes can seem like hours but weeks can feel like days. Hmm. Anyways all is well here in Lorca. I decided to buy a heater so I don't freeze! Some Gypsy tried to make his dog eat us so that was fun. He wanted to buy or sell drugs to us and we said we are missionaries and whatnot and he got all offended. So my companion asked what kind of dog he has trying to change the subject and he said "if you wanna know what type of dog this is, come down here and I'll show you" it was a pitbull obviously, but he continued to say "raise your hand and I'll have him bite your hand off, come on raise your hand". If I understood what he was saying at the time I probably would have raised my hand just to see if he dog could jump like 7 feet in the air to reach my hand. Plus i was sure the dog wouldn't attack, it was super nice! Even if he commanded it to attack us hahaha pretty strange. 

None of our investigators come to church right now so thats lame. But we keep on trying. 

And for future reference for anyone sending a package to me anytime just put "Jordan Rex" not elder because I have to show id for packages and it confuses them when it says elder... I played soccer the other day with a less active guy named Osasua, it was the first time I've felt hot since getting here! 
All is well! I love and miss all of you! You are all in my prayers!! 

Elder Rex

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