Monday, February 2, 2015

Hola! Elder Rex here from good ole Lorca! 

Well I always forget what to write once I sit down sooo I'l do my best. I live in a pieso (aka an apartment) with my companion Elder Bassett and two other elders! Elder Filmore (who is from the San Diego area) and Elder Quierolo. I love all of them. Since our pieso has no heater so we freeze to death daily. It's very lovely in the mornings! There is a huge african population here. Mostly from Ghana, Morocco and Nigeria I think. Sometimes I feel like I'm in Africa! Because of that at least once a day I teach in some form of slow, broken English... it's interesting. All the people are really nice though! Apparently there are so many Africans here because you can easily find work in then fields picking oranges and etc... except these people are pretty much slaves, it's sad to see. Many of the people I work with and teach don't have jobs or are currently losing them. They have no money and can barely survive in terrible living conditions. One guy doesn't was his clothes or shoes, and you can tell by the smells the accompany him. Super sad but they are awesome people. The members her say that it's hard to help them because here in Lorca the government can be corrupt... so all I can tell them is to have faith and pray. The lord will help them.

Two guys who aren't from Africa are our main investigators currently. Feranando y Braulio. Super nice dudes, hopefully they will be baptized this month!! Cross your fingers! Braulio is the guy who once told me I have sad eyes... I didn't know what to say so I just told him that my eyes were happy hahaha the next lesson he called me a sunflower or a pinecone... we aren't quite sure which. Very strange... aha I love it though. I've eaten fufu twice and there are some pictures of it. It's like a sticky dough that you dip in soup with meat and other stuff. Lots of cow stomach in it which is very chewy... mainly eating at the pieso though. I eat like 3 quesadillas a day! I miss Mexican food and In N Out! I didn't think i would miss In N Out that much but I do!!!!! I'll send some cool pictures next week because we are going exploring after this! I love and miss all of you! You are all in my prayers and I love hearing from you all! Sorry if I cant respond to all of you!

Elder Rex

Eating fufu at Toomba's house 
"You use your hands in one big communal bowl... very hygienic."
French fries and Kebab
Eating Kebab with Elder Filmore

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