Monday, February 23, 2015

Chunky Hot Milk

Hey there family, friends, and strangers! Thanks for tuning in to your weekly dose of The Exciting Life of Elder Rex. Im Elder Rex and i'll be your guide tonight... or this morning... whenever you are reading this. Anyways another week in the books! I cant really remember what happened this week. 

One experience was interesting, Elder Bassett, Elder Filmore and I were at a investigators house and he was going to feed us so food, usually it's fufu since he's from Ghana. This time it was a mixture of freezer burned french fries, lettuce, tomatoes, and eggs all friend up into one dish. Not really sure what to call it... but it wasn't too bad! He also gave us some hot milk which you usually mix with sugar or a chocolate powder but he realized he was out of both. Yay, so just hot milk. And I already hate the milk over here! What kind of milk is it when it doesn't require refrigeration!? Sketchyyy. Haha so we slowly started to drink the milk and I felt something in my mouth... it was a piece of chunky milk substance... how wonderful, I get hot chunky milk! I showed the other Elders and they just laughed at me. We suspected that I got the bottom of the milk bottle and some chunks came plopping out at the end... we were all laughing. I was laughing/crying, like all my friends know I do, as I slowly drank this steaming cup of terrible chunky milk. Hahah Elder Bassett and Elder Filmore just laugh all the time, at terribly wrong moments and a lot of it is my fault. They just have to think about me laughing and they bust out laughing too. And then I laugh which causes more laughter and I can't stop laughing and tears are rolling down my face and the members or investigators are just confused. It's sooo funny how easily I can make them laugh. 

I've been sick this week, and yesterday I just laid in bed and died all day. But I'm doing better now. Not much else to say! Oh wait, So elder Bassett goes home next week so I will get a new companion next week... which isn't normal. You are supposed to have your "trainer" for 12 weeks or "two transfers" but oh well... love all of you!! Well this concludes this weeks guide of my excting life! Tune in next week for better stories hopefully... haha 

Elder Rex

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