Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

It was great to Skype you all yesterday!! I don't have too much to say since we talked so much... I hope you have a great week!!

Love you! Elder Rex

Some things we talked about during Skype:

-- The mission wide conference last week in Sevilla was the first time the entire Málaga mission has been gathered together (picture below)

-- They don't do much knocking on doors, they mostly teach people on the streets or references from members
-- They teach a lot of Africans, most Spaniards are not too interested
-- He is teaching the lessons in Spanish
-- Jordan is afraid he will get fat on his mission so he likes to exercise a lot
-- He misses music and sushi
-- He eats a lot of Fufu, and in his apartment he makes a lot of pasta with chicken, turkey, and veggies
-- He is going to learn how to make Paella, a Spanish rice dish

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