Monday, May 4, 2015


Hey there friends and family. I hope all is well back home! Well this week went by fast and I'm not really sure what happened really. Kinda like every week...
I go to Sevilla next tuesday for a mission wide conference with area authorities and 70s about the iPads we will be getting. We should get them next week a day or two after the conference.. but idk. I'm excited to see friends from the MTC that I haven't seen since the day we left!! Miss them them so it should be good!

Here are some answers to some things Courtney asked me:
I eat at a this lady's house usually every Wednesday. We usually eat paella, just a typical spanish rice dish. I will learn how to make it so I can make it when I come home! 

Not so much knocking doors... occasionally. Mainly references from other members and just people on the street. Depends on who I'm talking to, Spaniards are usually strict Catholics and don't want much from us. South Americans are wishy washy catholics who will listen and are open to it. Africans are just a very religious based people here. They are always down to listen but here the ones we have as investagators or recent converts have drinking problems so they are always drunk.

Love you all!!!
Elder Rex

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