Monday, May 4, 2015

Super indie

 Well hello... This week was hottttt. We decided to have a bbq with a few kids who are members and non members. We didn't plan it out though... I wanted to but some people just like to wing it.. and that doesn't work well.  We left our piso at around 11 and got home at 6:30 we expected it to end at 2ish. But that's what happens when you don't plan!! And you don't let the eagle scouts build the fire since you are anti fire starter and whatnot. It's all about the experience I guess.

Tomorrow I have a 9 hour bus ride to Sevilla for the mission wide meeting about iPads and stuff. Hopefully we will receive them next week!! Sevilla has a Costco!! Fun Fact! Also Sevilla is the hottest place in Spain I think... #SUIT #IMGOINGTOMELT --- gotta get ready for technology;)
Next weeks email should me more interesting. But yeah I'm melting here in Lorca... I'm sunburned and everyone makes fun of me because I'm a white boy who is red now
BUT I bought some sunscreen!!!

I'm excited to Skype on Mother's Day!

Love you guys!

My BIC pen collection that I love

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