Monday, March 9, 2015

New Companion!

I have to be brief this week so sorry to all of you who wait so eagerly to read my weekly novel. 

I get a new companion on Wednesday, he's Bolivian. Native speaker, should be interesting Since I still don't speak much spanish. But It should help with my spanish pretty fast which I'm excited for. 

Elder Bassett and I re activated a guy this transfer so that was pretty cool to see. He was baptized before I was born, I think in 1991 in Nigeria. He fell away from the church but he's super awesome and I have faith that he can be a super strong member here in Lorca. The other two elders had a baptism this week that we went to, so that was fun to see! 

I stained 3 shirts this week... not the best thing I've ever done... I guess thats what happens when you just wear white shirts all the time! 

I'll write more with more pictures next week! But here is some pasta with homemade sauce I am pretty proud of.

Love Elder Rex

ps. I would love to hear from anyone and everyone!

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