Monday, March 30, 2015

All is quiet on the Lorca front. The work is kinda slow right now, it's kinda rough. But hopefully it will start to pick back up soon through hard work and a little help from the big man upstairs. 

We had the chance to go visit Ivan in Aguilas this week so that was good. He was the guy who we gave a blessing to help with his tobacco addiction, and then said he wanted to get baptized. He still is interested but isn't progressing very fast... or at all really. But its all good.  So Ivan's mom is a member but nobody else in the family is. His father, also named Ivan, is a good guy. He comes to church and listens but has some problems and I'm not quite sure what they are regarding. They have a daughter who doesn't believe in God, she's all about science. She's only like 16 so I think she doesn't really know what she believes, she's just being a teenager... or something weird. Haha but we will keep visiting them and hoping for the best. 

It's finally starting to warm up!! I have a feeling its going to be like a light switch though... cold and then blazing hot. 

I don't really know what else to say... it's just been a slow week. I cooked a bunch of chicken and pasta and made pre made meals so I can just eat fast throughout the week. So that was pretty sweet! I feel like a relief society woman or something! I'm ready to go feed the needy in the ward! 

Hey mom, remember how you were always so concerned that my comps would hate me because my room was always so dirty and whatnot? WELL, you'll be happy to know that i'm probably the cleanest missionary in the apartment! Yesterday I witnessed a missionary cross contaminate the whole kitchen with a raw chicken that was also probably rotten... so that was awesome. I wont say who but he had raw chicken in his hands, put it down, grabbed the salt, grabbed the chicken again, and then wiped his hands off on the dish rag. Needless to say I'm currently washing that rag. Somehow we are still alive... thank The Lord. Oh and this chicken smelled rancid... and he still wanted to eat it! I had to make another missionary convince him that he would probably die if he ate it. He told me that we just needed to pray before we ate, and I told him that God expects us not to be idiots. If he really wanted to, God could make you not get sick from this chicken, but God gave us a brain so we should use it. 

I'm stealing this idea from Elder Neilson, I'm just going to throw in random quotes from the best TV show of all time- Pysch. Because I miss it and because they are funny! I highly recommend you all go watch this show.

"Gus, don't be a rabid porcupine."

Love Elder Rex

Oh PS, Its Holy Week here In Spain. Google Semana Santa Lorca  and look at some pictures. It gets pretty wild...

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