Monday, March 9, 2015

Visit to Águila

All is well here in Lorca! I said goodbye to my first companion Elder Bassett on wednesday! Super weird knowing he is home now! But I have my new comp now! Elder Justinano! A native speaker from Bolivia but his family lives in Madrid. So far so good. Communication consists of terrible english and terrible spanish! woohoo! But life is good! It's still been pretty cold here, but not as cold as last month. I got a picture of my friends at the river and it looked so warm!!
On Tuesday Elder Bassett, Elder Filmore and I went to this little town on the coast where there is a part member family. I think the town is spelled Águila, its the Spanish word for eagle. We gave the non member son a blessing because he is addicted to tobacco and wants to quit. We had lunch and chatted about the mission life and where we were from. He knew about Newport Beach from the TV show The OC and was asking if that's how life was actually like for us (Elder Fillmore is from San Diego) it was pretty funny. On our bus ride home his mom called us and said that Ivan (her son) wants to baptized and serve a mission! We were pretty shocked by that because I'm pretty sure he lives quite the party life! So that was quite the miracle! And after seeing the baptism last week it got me pretty excited. 
Sadly I am out of time but here's a few pictures! The beach pictures are in Águila

Love Elder Rex

My brothers! (family in Aguila) 

Elder Fillmore and I-- true SoCal men missing the beach.

Reminds me of home!

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