Monday, March 16, 2015

Taco Bell with Elder Lowry and Elder Bussell!

So this week was fun! 
I was able to go to Malaga to finish my residency on Wednesday and Thursday! which is fun but also a super long bus ride... I left Lorca at 8AM and got to malaga at like 4:30pm! Then we went to the mission home and President and Hermana Deere took us to Subway! Woohoo! That was a nice treat! Still not as good as the subway back home though! We went back to the mission home and had a short lesson type thing and ate homemade cookies which might have been better than subway! If only I had some real milk to go with it! I still don't trust the milk here... it doesn't require refrigeration!!! Soooo sketchy! Hahaha the next morning we went to the police station and finished our residency, and I got my Spanish ID! So I guess I'm an official residence of Spain now! But don't worry my heart still belongs to America. 

So after that, we ate Taco Bell at the train station!!!! Like Subway, not as good as home but it was still alright! I miss Del Taco... anyways then another super long bus ride home! The next day I was sick and I think Taco Bell might have poisoned me so thats another reason why it's better back home! But other than that not much has happened! It's kinda rough right now because I don't know the area or the people super well and I kinda have to take the lead since my companion is new here. It's strange because I'm supposed to be getting trained, but its like I'm training him on the area and people. I'm surviving though! Plus I'm still struggling with Spanish, so that makes it harder, but it's all good! I'll be a stronger and more knowledgeable missionary because of this! Whoohoo! 

Well I am super excited to see myself progress and grow spiritually and mentally over this time! As of now it's pretty weird to think I will be fluent in Spanish eventually! But I know as I put in the work, and with the lords help, I'll do some pretty epic things!

As always, 
Love Elder Rex!

The view from the Mission Home! I miss pools... mostly jacuzzis.

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