Monday, March 23, 2015

This week was pretty interesting but same old same old. We rearranged our piso so know all 4 of us elders sleep in a big room together. Im not sure why but I think it's because the natives just wanted to be able to speak spanish to each other haha

It's rained a lot this week which I liked! It was nice for something out of the ordinary to happen! 

This week I had probably the most stressful moment of my mission so far. Me and my comp were teaching a man from Ghana named Francis. He has a terrible stutter on top of his terrible English to the point where when I'm putting all my effort into listening to him. I can maybe understand him on a good day. So we were teaching him and he pulls out this notebook with names written down, and each name had a certain amount of money next to it. He points to a name and begins to say something about it. I discerned that he was saying he gave this guy 50 euros and he hasn't paid him back. He started to get more worked up which doesn't help with me understanding him! He said he wanted me to go with him to this guys house because if i was there they wouldn't fight (like literally punch each other) because I am a man of God. I told him we didn't have time today and maybe another day. Then he said something but I don't know what. When we left his house he left with us and I told him we had to go the opposite way of the way he was going, but he wouldn't accept that and said it would takes 5 minutes. So we went to this guys house and while walking there I was just praying he wouldn't be home because I had no idea what was going on really and my comp just kept looking at me asking what's going on and I would just shrug my shoulders and laugh... luckily the guy wasn't home. Then Francis took us to his bank and then this African shop where he kept saying stuff to me and I literally had no idea what... I would just reply and say "oh are you buying something here" or "you ready to go?" and he would just look at me. I literally had no clue what he wanted or what we were doing. We left the african shop and at this point I'm kinda just over all of it. I told him we need to go but he kept saying no and I said why and he said something about a police report and wanting to go to the police station. I just imagined in my head getting to the police station and Francis just looking at me wanting me to explain whatever he wanted to tell a police officer in my non existent spanish. That wasn't happening. I kinda just dropped the hammer and said we have to go to the piso right now and we will see you later. And then he invited himself to our piso, and I declined his invitation.  

Also like 6 times in the middle of the sidewalk he would grab our hands and make a circle and chant some African prayer which is SUPER awkward when there are people walking by. 

It was more stressful than it sounds, I was basically alone because my comp doesn't speak english. Not that Francis does either! 
Well that's my story for this week!

Love Elder Rex

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