Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hey there family and friends! I hope everything is well back home. Things are going fine here in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Not much to update you guys on...

I bought some soccer shoes this week since we play soccer every Saturday with members, recent converts and investigators. I'm pretty much a pro now since I have some soccer shoes...or at least that's how I thought it would work! But I'm still pretty bad...shoes just help a little. 

One guy thought I was from Spain this week so that was pretty cool...I want to be able to trick people by the end of my mission in to thinking I'm from Spain, I think that would be funny. But I also got told I look like Timmy Turner and Jimmy Nuetron (cartoon characters) and the grinch...so I got that going for me....

It's hot here...and my comp always turns off the a/c and I'm not sure why. I haven't slept with a sheet or blanket on me since I've gotten here...and he likes to shut our door to our room so it's terribly stuffy and stagnant in our room at night. But it's all good, it could be worse I guess

To answer your questions things are different here. the people, the climate. Im melting like a frosty the snowman in an oven. I wasn't born to live in the heat when I cant swim...my body doesn't like it one bit. I just die daily and apparently its just spring time....scary. I don't know how I will function in the summer time. I'm by the coast so we get a breeze but humidity too. its just wonderful weather to be walking outside all day. trust me. you all should try it, but wear dark pants and a constricting collar. ¡QUE BUENO!

The people here are know to be just a nice carefree people. In Andalusia they are also know for their terrible accent....great for the kid who can barely understand someone with a normal accent!!!

The worst thing is the heat. my body... I feel like a super hot grape...like microwave a grape and thats me. Thats what came to my head... I'm not sure why.

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