Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Well I don't have much for this week. It's terribly hot here.... hot and sticky. I will have a perfectly white collar when I start the day and at the end it's nasty dirty! I don't know how! I wash my neck daily!! My clothes just stick to my body....yucky. I've been trying to survive that. Friday was my birthday and we also had zone meeting which was nice! They sang happy birthday to me and what not! I also got a package from home that day! That was great. My companion later that day dropped our phone in a bucket of water so that was awesome....I bought a new suit this week...it was a present and its crazy sale time so it only made sense to snatch one. It's so hot. I remember in the beginning of my mission complaining about the cold....oh how I miss the cold. I got
a haircut this week and it's really short... so mom you will like it. I don't. Haha
I hope all is well!!! Love you all!!
Elder Rex

The sisters decorated my door for my bday!

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