Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This week was pretty normal-ish for a missionary. I played soccer on Monday in a San Lucar with some other elders and their members. We took a bus there and I had never been there and my comp never got off the bus so we drove right through the town, didn't get off at both stops in the town...we made it to a different town and bought a different bus ticket to go back to the town we just drove through...so yeah that was interesting. 

Tuesday we had district meeting, it was pretty normal. We have a missionary couple who live on the military base near us and they cook for us after every district meeting so that's very nice of them! We had sloppy joes and salad. And American soda like root beer, dr. Pepper and cream soda. You can't buy those here. And ranch dressing which was nice! While we were eating a kept hearing a bird tweeting somewhere and we figured out it was in the ceiling...being the good person I am I tried my best to save it but I'm afraid I failed. I took off the air conditioning vent so it had a way to get out but I think it just didn't wanna move...so I sealed it back up. 

Wednesday and Thursday I was in Jarez because my comp had a district leader training he went to at the mission home. So I was with an Elder Bean in his area working. Just normal days.

Friday I don't remember....

Saturday we played soccer in the morning like we do every Saturday, I like to think I'm getting better but I'm not so sure about that. Give me a year and a half and I should be a little better.  Met some guy named Francisco, the guy is really smart. Like he knew a ton of history and a ton about the NBA, dates, scores and players. Pretty interesting old dude. 

And Sunday was Sunday. Church and what not. As my comp says "Mi hermano!!! domingo es el mejor día del semana!!!! So yeah....

Today we played soccer and I did pretty decent, im known for being a good defender. And putting effort in because I don't like to lose at things...my zone leader said he's going to start calling me Taz because I'm like the Tasmanian Devil out there, I'm just everywhere. Really all I do is put forth effort. I'm pretty exhausted from it though...putting forth effort is tiring. We are also out of butane which gives us hot water...so my showers are frigid....like ocean in the winter frigid. I hop in the water, hop out, soap up so I only have to hop back in the water one more time. I tried to think that it's like the ocean but then I said to myself "if the ocean was this cold I wouldn't be in it without a wetsuit" So yeah that's interesting. 

That's been my week! Hope all is well! You are in my prayers! 
Elder Rex

Part of our zone after soccer

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