Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Monday: we went airsofting with part of the zone in Jarez, it was pretty fun! It's sad though, the place we went used to be super huge, a 4 story building with different layouts on each floor. But 3 days before we went, someone threw a Molotov Cocktail in their window and lit the place on fire.. it destroyed almost everything they had... I thought I was in Spain not Russia! 
Tuesday: We has english class and once of our investigators came. Everyone has difficultly with the pronunciation of English words and it's hard to teach that!! Haha
Wednesday: Like always I don't remember Wednesday....
Thursday: we had lunch at a members house, we had lentils, salad and bread. It was pretty good! I was still hungry afterwards....
Friday: we had district meeting on Friday. It was also the birthday of Hermana Stradling, one of the sister missionaries here in puerto. We celebrated a little. The Guffey's (senior missionary couple that live by us) made us waffles, eggs and sausage after district meeting for lunch so that was awesome to have! They always cook something semi American for us! 
Saturday: We went to a town like 30 minutes away to be part of a "harvest" (sounds kinda weird...I feel like it's something aliens would do to humans)  anyways it's where every missionary was placed with a member of the branch over there and we went out on the streets and talked to people and harvested them... aka: asked if they wanted to listen to our message. I was with a guy named Thomas, nice guys, he told me he served his mission in Madrid in 91'. I told him I was in heaven in 91' he thought that was really funny. Haha afterwards I ate the worst kebab I've eaten here In Spain so it was a disappointment for me.
Sunday: same old same old. We ate with Jorge, a recent convert to the church. He's an awesome dude, funny and has a strong testimony. We gave the sacrament to this Romanian lady like we do every week and she feed us some really strong cheese....it was powerful....it might have been from the prehistoric times. 

Cristobal Colon, so I see this name occasionally, enough to make me wonder who this dude is and why he has a plaza and stuff but Christopher Columbus doesn't... but I'm pretty dang sure they are the same guy. Hahah these English name translations just getting me all confused! 

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