Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Monday: we didn't do much, we played soccer with some elders from a different area, bought food, and emailed. And when I say bought food it was rice and tuna because it was the end of the month and everyone was poor, so we ate that with two other elders in our district. We got money the next day so we could buy more food Tuesday.
Tuesday: just a normal day, nothing special sorry :/
Wednesday: same as Tuesday....we had a good lesson with a investigator of ours named Enrique. We had a recent convert come with us and he was awesome. He pretty much taught and me and my comp sat there haha it was sweet. 
Thursday: we usually eat at a members house Thursday after planning so we did that. It's getting really really hot...like its bad.
Friday: we went to Sevilla to meet our new mission president! The Andersen's from Blackfoot, Idaho. Pretty sure the name was Blackfoot, I was thinking about that name and I feel like the name derives from frost bitten feet of Idaho. Early settlers who just froze in good ole Idaho. Idk. Anyways, they seem like great people, I'm excited to get to know them. The first thing president said to me was "I like your smile Elder Rex, I bet you just convert people without talking" so pretty good first impression I think! It was super hot in Sevilla, I heard it got to like 122 there last week.... I'm glad I'm not there! But there is one perk of Sevilla, the American Dream, aka: Costco. Pretty much the same as American Costco from what I've heard. 1.50 for a hot dog and drink even! 
Saturday: Fourth of July! We played soccer in the blazing heat in the morning, it was terribly fun. After that we had a Fourth of July party with some people from our zone! I motivated everyone to have the party, I was determined to celebrate America!! Haha it was a good time! I also got a 2lb jar of extra crunchy peanut butter... so you could say that was just the American stamp of approval for the day. 
Sunday: so hot....my pants had sweat marks on them...you could see wet patches on my knees...don't ask me why, but my knees sweat a ton I guess! Gave a blessing to a lady in the ward and then we sweated some more! So yeah...

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