Friday, April 8, 2016


Well this week has been interesting. I'm starting to feel better finally, I still have a runny nose but that's about it. The work here is kinda like a stagnant puddle of water full of mosquitos... never the less we are trying to get some fresh water circulating in here. We've spent most of the week knocking doors... it's been rough. We supposedly have 2 pretty good investigators in the area, but since I've been here they won't answer the door or their phones. We were going to go to Costco last Monday but my comp couldn't remember how to get there so we saved it for today! I'm looking forward to that, hopefully it won't make me too trunky! They still have hot dogs for 1.50 and everything. So I'm excited for that. 

There are 4 elders in this small town; me, my companion elder Morgan, elder burton and elder reader, who is like 7 feet tall and 280lbs. He's a big man. Anyways, our piso has a roof so I'm going to find a cheap bbq to put up there so I can do some grilling. That would be sweet. Oh and I've gotten two engagement photos this week.... everyone needs to calm down or at this rate I'll have no friends when I get home! Haha congratulations to Shane and Dylan! Crazy! Anyways, I hope all is well back at home. You're are all in my prayers! Even you people who think your not! Sometimes I just pray for certain people randomly... sometimes it's not even people I really know that well or have ever met. I'll just be praying and this person will pop into my head and I pray for them. I'm kinda weird like that. But it can't hurt. Love you all!
Elder Rex

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