Friday, April 8, 2016

3/14/16- the pellet gun incident

So I had a interesting experience this week. About two weeks ago my old comp and I were knocking doors. At one of the apartments, a girl who is about 20 answered, and we explained who we are and asked if we could share a message. She said she couldn't today but she wanted us to come back a different day. The next few days I was in Malaga, so my old comp and another missionary passed by, and she couldn't at that moment but they set a meeting for that night at 7:30. Well, that's when I got back
from Malaga, so we missed that meeting. 

So finally this Thursday we went by to see if we could meet with her (with my new companion) oh and also this is the worst part of town. Two or three more blocks up the road is an area where police won't go to help you... the part we were in was bad but wasn't the worst. Anyways we knocked on the door and a guy opens it, and I ask "is Maria home?" and he just shuts the door. And I thought he was going to go get her or something so we waited another few seconds. He didn't come back so we knocked again and this time a lady answered, and I asked again "Is Maria home?" and she began to yell and scream and said something like "why do you guys keep coming here! Leave her alone! She's Muslim! Stop with the Christ crap!" But she said it in meaner ways... So we said that we were sorry and she slammed the door. So we crossed the street and we were standing across from their house. I was looking at my planner trying to see where we were going next, and my comp said "look" and we could see one of the guys from Maria's house out on the balcony just staring at us. Super creepy. I just ignored it and kept looking at my planner, then all of the sudden I hear something hit the wall next to me, and the another. Then my comp yells "RUN!" and we start sprinting down the sidewalk as the man is trying to pick us off like scared rabbits with his pellet gun... it was crazy. I was just sprinting and heard little pellets bouncing off the wall next to me (luckily he didn't have good aim). We sprinted for a good 20 seconds until we got out of range and just looked at each other. Then a police car turned the corner and we flagged them down and explained what went down. And they went and talked to the lady who slammed the door on us. We went with them and we said "good afternoon" to her, and she said "oh now you say good afternoon? What was all that you said at my door about how Christ is the only way and we are dammed!?" (We didn't say that) but anyways they took our info and theirs and we can file a complaint or whatever. President was supposed to tell me what to do but he had to call someone in Germany first to ask them but he never called me back... So yeah. It was just a freaky sprint down the street with some man trying to pump us full of lead! So I'm don't really wanna go back to that part of town...but yeah. 

Plaza de Espana in Sevilla
Shoutout to my sisters city!

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