Friday, April 8, 2016


Haha I really don't know what to write about! I've knocked more doors here than all my other areas combined...hundreds of doors...and how many have I entered? Zero. Hahaha that's okay though! Such is the life of a European Missionary! I once heard a quote that some of you may take offense to, so I apologize beforehand. It said "The Lord sends boys to South America to become men, he sends men to Europe to become leaders." Hahah I mean just look how may prophets came to Europe on their missions ;) haha no, I was just talking with my companion yesterday about this. I believe every mission has it own difficulties. Some are harder than others but no mission is easy. Every mission has the good and the bad. I hope nobody comes on a mission thinking it will be all sunshine and rainbows...because it's not. You'll have those days, but you'll also have those days where you just keep stepping one foot in front of the other because that's all you can do. You got find the little moments, save them, and remember them. When things get tough, if you handle the situation well, you will become a better person.. So really in either situation you are being blessed. Whether it be the days with rainbows and sunshine or the dark days... you're being blessed.
Anyways, love you guys!
Costco in Sevilla!!!!!!! 

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