Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Well, what can I tell you about Cartagena... it's hot and I sweat a lot. I have to shower three times a day sometimes. Pretty nasty. We just do a lot of walking as of now..trying to find people to teach. That's pretty much what we have done the last two weeks, knock on doors and knock on some more! That's life for me as of now! We eat Burger King every Monday even though we really don't want to, it's just the closest to the church, so we get forced to pretty much haha. The other day we were contacting and some guy told us he has 4 toes and took his shoe off to show us! That was interesting, the most exciting thing that has happened in awhile. I wish I could tell you about investigators but we don't really have anything! We are finding...hopefully haha. I hope everyone is doing well. You're in my prayers!

Elder Rex

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