Tuesday, August 30, 2016


So last week after emailing at the church we had a interesting experience with a 50 year old Spanish man. 3 other elders and I were pulling out of the church parking lot in a car, and you have to lock a gate after you leave, so we were kinda on the sidewalk for like 10 seconds as my comp hopped out and locked the gate. So this guy on the sidewalk just starts kicking our car so i hopped out and told him to calm down and asked what his problem was and asked him to stop. Then he started getting mad and said he was going to cut my throat and blah blah blah and then he took all this trash and threw it all over the church property, so I started clapping for him sarcastically (maybe not the best thing to do) and my comp wasn't looking because he was locking the gate. And then this guy just slaps my comp hard on the face so I grabbed him in a bear hug and told him that we will call the police if he doesn't stop. Then he proceded to fall out of my arms on to the floor and yelled "police police help me!" and said HE was going to call the police, so he faked called them and said 4 of us attacked him and his arm was hurt. At this point we think we are waiting for the police, so drove the car back to the church parking lot to wait for them, and I was by this guy and the other elders were like 10 feet away just having parked the car. And the man asked me what I was doing and I said I'm a missionary and then he goes on to tell me very bad things which I cannot write, and the punches me in the chin and I was upset but the other missionaries told me to walk away. So i did because of course it wasn't worth it to continue to argue with him, and as I left he called us more bad things. It was probably the most frustrating experience of my mission because there was nothing I could do...probably a good thing. 

Anyways  Elder Sant got transferred on Wednesday and I got a new companion, Elder Blasi, he's a good kid. He's from Missouri. Then we were in a trio from Thursday to Saturday because another elder was alone because his companion was traveling to the mission home. I'm back with Elder Harvey in my district so that's sweet! I've been with him pretty much half my mission! Also, thanks to all the people who wished me a happy birthday! You're all the best! I hope you have a great week! You're all in my prayers :) 


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