Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Dear family,
This is Elder Rex speaking! I just wanted to let you guys know you guys know that I am being transferred! I will be heading to a little city called Nerja. That's where all the tourists go to go to the beach and have fun during the summertime. It's a branch and not a ward, so it should be pretty small and spread out from what I've heard. Also, we are in charge of all the fast offerings over there. Should be interesting. I'll be with Elder Alexander, he's the old assistant to president. Should be cool, he ends his mission this transfer and me the next. I hear the work is pretty hard there because nobody really lives there, they just go to visit for the summer and all leave in the end of August. Soooo I'll get there just in time for everyone to leave haha. I'll try to send some photos!

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